Universal Problems

One last Star Wars post for awhile: Do you want to know what ticks me off the most about the Disney acquisition of the rights to tell Star Wars stories?

More Space-Forward Fashion

Since finding those C-3PO pants, I’ve come across some crazy Star Wars fashion.

Amazing Find

Happened to come across these shiny gold pants reminiscent of C-3PO’s sexy legs.

Muddin’ Truck?

I’m impressed, slightly jealous, and a little scared all at the same time.

Childhood-Influenced Math

Does it say something about you when you’ve melded two of your childhood icons into the ideal man? I didn’t think so either.

I Dreamed A Dream

Morgan Freeman married Wesley and I. Kevin Bacon still isn’t over my refusal to kiss him and Joss Whedon unsuccessfully tried to kill me.


I signed up today. Perhaps this is further proof that I’m crazy. Or maybe it’s the smartest decision I’ve made all year. Maybe you should join me.

Dear Cumulus

Dear Cumulus,
I rock and roll OTP, so should you…